Online home inventory management software made easy.
Goodbye spreadsheets! Storing your data in the cloud with iKeepm is much safer than keeping it on your computer's hard drive, which can crash and fail at any time. With iKeepm, your data is accessible from any computer with internet access. You won't have to worry about corrupted files or hard drive crashes.

What will iKeepm do for you?

Proper Coverage

Make a list, check it twice. Share your home inventory with your insurance agent who can help determine the correct insurance coverage.

Faster Claim Process

An up-to-date home inventory helps expedite your insurance claim. Claims can be processed much faster if you have everything documented.

Track Items

Keep track of items you've accumulated over
the years. Having a home inventory handy allows you to verify everything you own.

Record Keeping

Keep track of repairs, renovations and maintenance agreements. A home inventory allows you to stay on top of maintenance and warranty information.

Track all this and more with iKeepm.

  • Brand and model for each item
  • Insurance information & important documents
  • Renewal dates for insurance policy
  • Purchase date and current value
  • Schedule and track preventive maintenance
  • Custom properties, rooms and categories
  • Photos and receipts
  • Maintenance history
  • Email reminders to perform seasonal tasks
  • Quantity on hand
  • Purchase information
  • Serial Number