The simple, hassle-free way to manage an online home inventory list.

What will iKeepm do for you?

Proper Coverage

Make a list, check it twice. Share your home inventory with your insurance agent who can help determine the correct insurance coverage.

Faster Claim Process

An up-to-date home inventory helps expedite your insurance claim. Claims can be processed much faster if you have everything documented.

Track Items

Keep track of items you've accumulated over
the years. Having a home inventory handy allows you to verify everything you own.

Record Keeping

Keep track of repairs, renovations and maintenance agreements. A home inventory allows you to stay on top of maintenance and warranty information.


Features you'll love, we've got you covered.


Organize your household in one place

Unlike traditional inventory software, iKeepm is built on a robust cloud-based infrastructure. Because iKeepm is entirely web-based, traditional spreadsheets are a thing of the past. Rest easy knowing your home inventory is easily accessible from ANY computer.

Intuitive Design

Our user-friendly interface allows you to inventory your valuables with ease. iKeepm works on any device: desktop, tablet or mobile. Compared with other home inventory software, iKeepm is differentiated by its focus on simplicity. Period.


Private and Secure

With iKeepm, your data is safe, secure and always backed up to multiple datacenters. Our servers are hosted in a PCI-compliant, SAS70-certified data center. Connections to our servers use 256-bit SSL-encrypted connections by default.

Report Generation

Stay organized with the big picture of your home inventory. Generate reports to view all maintenance logs, reminders and overall list of your possessions. Export the results in PDF or CSV format.

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